Reverse Grid Bot review

The best option for couch earnings is Forex. It allows you to earn a stable income without leaving your home. You will need a computer, the internet, and a Reverse Grid trading bot (RG). The latter is a well-known trading tool used by thousands of traders. Before you become one of them, you need to read the review of this robot.

About RG

Reverse Grid Bot is a product of Pionex. This company is well known to many traders. Its transparency, reliability, and vast service experience differ from competitors. All this is liked by 100 thousand customers who cooperate with Pionex. The Reverse Grid appeared relatively recently and has become another trading tool in the company's collection. RG is a fully automated robot. In his work, he uses unique algorithms to reduce risks and open/close transactions at the right time. An essential feature of the bot is its free status. Thanks to this, everyone can use its capabilities. Pionex's earnings depend solely on the efficiency of the bot. The company charges a commission of 0.05% on each transaction.

RG is a sought-after bot. Beginners and traders actively use it with a great experience. Such popularity is due to the total simplicity and effectiveness of this tool. Pionex customers also like that registration on their website gives access to Reverse Grid and many other free bots. Also, on the official web resource, there is much helpful information that will help you understand the rules for using each automated tool and learn some secrets of manual Forex trading.

Features of use

Forex robot called Reverse Grid is considered an affordable and effective trading tool. The process of its operation is not super complicated so you can get acquainted with it in a few minutes. At the same time, it is worth remembering that you must follow the sequence of actions performed. Otherwise, you can make a mistake that will end your hopes of making quick money.

Step-by-step procedure:

  1. On the Pionex website, click "Sign in.” Enter your phone number, e-mail, and pre-made password on the new page. Follow the link in the email you receive and verify your account.
  2. After that, go to your account and select "Trade Bot.”
  3. Next, click on "Create Bot.” A new window will open in which you will find a list of available robots. Of these, choose Reverse Grid.
  4. Go to the settings menu, where you set the required trading parameters, settlement currency, and much more.
  5. Launch the bot and enjoy its work.

First impressions are often misleading, so it's essential to consider all aspects of an RG bot's work. In this case, a description of the critical features of this assistant, which even not all experienced users know about, will help you.

Important features:

Workflow The reverse Grid bot functions automatically. It can be active all day long, 365 days a year. The robot stands out for its many settings. They expand the possibilities of the trader and allow you to choose the desired trading parameters independently. After confirming the scenes, the bot starts trading, considering the user's wishes.
Customer support The work of this service deserves special attention. The developer company has created everything you need for comfortable communication with its representatives. On the site, you can find several options for communicating with operators, starting with banal emails and ending with a convenient live chat. Support is available in 11 different languages, giving customers the freedom to choose the best option. All of the above did not go unnoticed by traders, who praise the work of customer support in almost every review.
Safety The robot is fully integrated with the Pionex exchange. In this regard, it uses enhanced security measures, which store the personal data of users and information about all their transactions. Another plus in the security options is the two-step identification of traders. Thanks to it, it will be tough for unauthorized persons to access your account.
Deposit The developer does not provide information about the amount required in the account. This proves that the robot can work even with a minimum investment of $100-$200. This feature is a crucial factor why people with little financial ability choose Reverse Grid.
Additional materials After completing a simple registration procedure, supplemental information materials become available to all users of Reverse Grid and other bots. They help to understand the features of the functioning of trading instruments and gradually develop new skills in traders.
Mobile application The company has developed an application for mobile devices for users' convenience. It will become a savior for people who lead an active lifestyle and cannot sit at the computer all day.


Exchanges Supported
Customer Support


If you are going to use the RG bot, then sooner or later, you will face all its disadvantages, and you will also be able to experience the various advantages fully. So that what is happening does not become a surprise for you, you need to know in advance all the strengths and weaknesses of the robot.

Pros Cons
Automated tool Lack of warnings about financial risks
Simple registration Commission 0.05% of each transaction
Provided free of charge
Reliability of the developer company
Responsive support service
Informative site
Access to many other bots
Many ways to contact developers
Transparency of all ongoing operations
Much positive feedback

A Forex trading robot like RG will become the best guide to the world of Forex. It will do most of the work and allow you to oversee the trading process while calculating your rapidly growing income. To achieve this, you need to study all aspects of the bot. This will open up new opportunities to earn money without much effort.

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