Social trading principles by TechBerry

The only genuinely quality social trading platform is TechBerry. Based on its eight years of experience, it offered clients the opportunity to auto trade with a very high percentage of profit that other companies can only dream of. Such success was achieved thanks to a professional team and its ability to introduce modern developments into the platform's work qualitatively. One of them is artificial intelligence. Thanks to its capabilities, improving the quality of analytical work was possible, which is the basis of success in trading.

Automated trading is the main highlight of TechBerry. It is conducted according to unique trading algorithms, which are compiled using artificial intelligence and the knowledge of the company's specialists. Initial information is drawn from information about the activities of many professional traders. This makes it possible to receive accurate trading data and replace the standard Forex trading rules with them. This approach allows you to find the most promising investment options that guarantee the trader a good income.

Nuances of cooperation

To enjoy all the benefits of TechBerry, you only need to create an account. This is done as simply as possible, and the registration takes 1-2 minutes. Then you can use the trial membership plan or immediately purchase one of the available tariffs. In any case, the user will have access to automatic trading. It allows you to minimize the influence of a person on the process, thereby reducing any risks to almost zero. TechBerry has developed a trading losses compensation feature to protect its customers further. It allows for returning up to 100% of the money spent. This indicator is incredibly high, and none of the platform's competitors has anything like it.

TechBerry is good because it is accessible to beginners and professionals. For clients who take their first steps in learning Forex, the platform will allow conducting automatic trading and start earning a few minutes after registration. TechBerry allows professionals to integrate the platform with popular MT4 and MT5 terminals. For many of them, this helps to increase efficiency and achieve even better results.

Safety factors

TechBerry has been successfully operating for eight years. During this time, the platform has built a reputation for being a safe partner who can be trusted with their own money. As evidence, customers are encouraged to study high-profile regulators' reports, which indicate many good things about TechBerry. If more is needed for the client, it can look at the list of brokers with whom the company cooperates. It is pretty long, and most of the names included in it are known to every trader. Stouts, as a secure partner of TechBerry, also confirms its approach to protecting customer data and funds. The measures taken leave the scammers with a limited chance of success.

What is the secret of TechBerry's effectiveness?

Most TechBerry customers cite the platform as the most efficient. This is due to the unique trading algorithms used in automated trading. With their help, avoiding risky and potentially not very profitable transactions is possible by investing exclusively in operations with a predictable outcome. In addition, the secret of TechBerry's effectiveness lies in reducing the impact on the trading of the human factor. This makes it possible to prevent many mistakes due to fatigue, not having the best emotional state, inattention, and insufficient awareness of the trader.

The high quality of the analytical work carried out significantly affects the platform's efficiency. This gives the system more helpful information, based on which it makes decisions about opening or closing trades.

Membership plans

TechBerry exemplifies everything, even the number of membership plans it offers. Each client of the platform has the opportunity to use eight subscription options. One of them is a test that allows traders to get important information about automatic trading for free. The remaining seven options have prices ranging from $9 to $499. This amount must be paid only once a year, after which you can enjoy all the privileges the tariff provides for 365 days.

Each of the membership plans requires the user to make a minimum deposit. Its size is 1000$-500000$. Such a significant difference enables traders to choose the appropriate option according to the available starting capital. Another critical difference between the tariffs is the commission percentage. The most expensive subscription option is only 15%, and the most budgetary option is 45%. Among the additional services, owners of specific membership plans can access a personal manager and online trade monitoring.

Pros/cons of the platform

Look at its benefits to understand just how good TechBerry is as a platform. There are many more of them than any competitor, so many traders do not consider cooperation options with other companies. TechBerry also has its drawbacks. They are gradually eliminated, so the list of cons becomes shorter each time.

Main advantages:

Pros Cons
high status access to integration with only two trading terminals
vast experience in providing services to traders availability of additional requirements for some clients
the efficiency of automatic trading
a high percentage of income
reliability of the platform
security of customer data and money storage
variety of membership plans
possibility to receive round-the-clock assistance
free trial period
relatively low prices
good reviews from regulators and audit companies


If there is a desire to plunge into the world of social trading, then it is better to do it with TechBerry. This platform is ahead of the competition in all respects and is a full-fledged trendsetter in its industry. It actively uses advanced developments and is not afraid to experiment. The result of this approach to business is a constant increase in the number of customers and a noticeable increase in the profits of each of them.

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