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WallStreet Forex robot is a classic for experienced traders. This trading tool appeared long ago (in 2009), and its last updated version was released in 2011. WSFR is the brainchild of the famous company FX Automater, which specializes in the development of advisors and has many trading robots in its track record. The development team is constantly working on improvements and updates the bot regularly. Thanks to this, he always remains efficient and valuable in his work.

WSFR is a generic bot. It can be run through the MT4/MT5 platform and used for automated trades. It is easy to install on any device and does not require much memory. It becomes beautiful to traders due to the unique protection system. It monitors the broker's actions and helps identify unscrupulous intermediaries who deliberately place incorrect trades.

FX Automater requires quite a lot of money to use its robot. At the same time, all available subscriptions are for life, so traders do not have to pay monthly. Users have two options to choose from. The first one is called "Basic" and is suitable for beginners. It provides access to an unlimited period of using a demo account and a money-back guarantee within two months from the payment date. The second tariff is called "Premium." It is designed for advanced users who want to work productively and make good profits. In addition to the “Basic” privileges, this account provides access to transactions with currencies, gold, and cryptocurrency. A bonus for owners of the Premium subscription will be a proprietary indicator from the developer.

Features of use

In the WallStreet Forex robot review, it is essential to include information about each step of activating this trading tool. Such data will be invaluable for users who want to try the bot in action but do not know how to do it right.


  1. Please find a list of available tariffs on the official website and study them carefully. After selecting one of them, click "Order Now.”
  2. On the page that opens, enter various personal and payment information. Be sure to include your email address.
  3. Pay for the purchase and wait for a letter to your e-mail. There will be a password for logging into your account.
  4. Return to the site's start page and click "Member Login.” Enter the required data and go to your account.
  5. Find and download the file with the program, and then install it on the device used for work.
  6. Log in to your account on the trading platform you use. Connect to your WSFR account.
  7. Set up trading parameters and activate the bot. After that, you can go about your business or watch the work of an automated robot.

A specialist and a simple user will be able to understand WSFR better. To do this, you should pay attention to the adviser's features and its developers' recommendations.

Important features:

Automation WSFR independently performs the opening and closing of transactions. This virtually eliminates human intervention in the trading process, which reduces the likelihood of errors. It also has a positive effect on the amount of profit received. At the same time, do not forget that the robot trades according to the user's settings.
Adjustment of settings Traders can change settings without stopping work. This feature is unique since they need to be restarted to adjust specific trading parameters of other robots.
Updates WSFR is updated regularly. This happens automatically, so the user does not need to take any action. All updates are free, but you need a stable Internet connection to download them.
Deposit For WSFR to work effectively, you need at least $300-500 in your account. The robot will use this money to make financial transactions on the stock exchange. Despite this, experts and experienced users recommend doubling or even tripling the indicated amount. So the probability of receiving a solid income will be much higher.
Customer support The robot developer organized a round-the-clock support service to make the user feel comfortable. You can contact her in several popular ways. All incoming applications are considered within 1-2 hours, after which the trader receives a specific answer to his question. In most cases, customer feedback is optimistic about the support service, which is good for the supplier's reputation.
Additional materials After buying a robot, a detailed user manual is available to traders. It will help you download, install and configure WSFR correctly. In addition, the developer opens materials on various aspects of working on Forex. This information will be helpful for beginners just starting to get acquainted with the exchange.


Exchanges Supported
Customer Support


First, traders who choose a robot read the list of its advantages. This is done subconsciously and helps form an initial opinion about the trading instrument in question. Also, attention is paid to various negative aspects.

Pros Cons
Time-tested robot Instability of work results
Regular updates Hard to find honest reviews
The fame of the developer
Compatibility with MT4/MT5
Tariffs for beginners and professionals
Lifetime subscription
Ease of use
Good prices
Financial guarantees
Useful additional materials

Each trader independently chooses the method of work. People who use automated advisers such as WSFR do the rightest thing. They reduce the negative impact of the human factor and increase work efficiency. With their help, you can quickly achieve the desired result without massive effort.

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