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To understand what Acorns is, you need to consider all aspects. It would be best if you started with information about the developer company. It was founded quite a long time ago. Its goal was to create various products that help automate the investment strategies of each user. The company is quite famous. It is supported by two Nobel laureates in economics and has many real professionals on its staff. The photos and names of most of the team members have been added to the official website, dispelling any doubts about the legitimacy of their work. Also on the web resource are addresses and contacts where everyone can contact Acorns.

The Acorns application is remembered not only for its original name. It is straightforward to use. Most often, it is used for investment. It is also suitable for money management, asset valuation, and teaching. Such versatility makes Acorns an excellent option for different categories of users. These are not just beautiful words, as more than 9 million people already use this application, and this figure continues to increase rapidly.

Acorns cannot be used for free. This disadvantage is covered by the quality of the application and its comprehensive functionality. In total, users are offered two tariffs. "Personal" costs only $3. This monthly plan includes the basic features of Acorns, which will be enough for ordinary people who will not invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in any assets. The second tariff is called "Family." It is the most versatile, as it suits users with radically different amounts on their accounts. The plan costs $5, for which customers get everything in the application (without any restrictions). The company's pricing policy is expected since most competitors can offer similar offers.

Key features

Looking through Acorns review, everyone intuitively searches for information about the rules for using the application. This process has several features that you need to know about in advance.


  1. Open the company's official website and find the "Get started" button on any of its pages.
  2. After clicking on it, a page with a registration form will open. Enter your email address and password in the entry fields. The latter must meet four criteria indicated under the field for entering characters.
  3. Click on "Create account" and confirm the registration using e-mail.
  4. Then return to the site and enter your account.
  5. There you choose the appropriate tariff plan and pay the invoice.
  6. After that, download and install the mobile application on your device.
  7. Please open it and repeat the authorization procedure.
  8. If necessary, adjust the settings and the interface to your needs.
  9. Check the activation of the selected tariff, and you can use the application.

You probably know all its features if you have been using Acorns for a long time. Therefore, the following information will be helpful mainly for new users. It will help to understand many points and make the operation process more comfortable.

Important features:

Investment account It is a kind of savings account that is replenished after each payment. When you purchase or place an order, you use your bank cards connected to the application. If the amount spent is $9.8, Acorns rounds it up to $10, sending the extra $0.2 to the investment account. If you often make purchases, a few cents will turn into several hundred dollars, from which the user can get additional profit.
Discounts Acorns has many partner companies offering a variety of products and services. If you are a full user of the application, then discounts in certain stores will become available. At the same time, it is essential to know that the money saved will not go into your pocket but to the same investment account.
Commissions Commissions. Sometimes, the user will have to bear additional costs to subscribe to a tariff plan. They will be various commissions, the amount of which varies depending on the amount of money in the accounts. This is a significant drawback that only some new users are aware of.
Support The problematic aspect of the company's work is its support service. It is only available via email and, due to many clients, is overburdened with work. Therefore, it usually takes at least a day to wait for a response to the applications left. Acorns are aware of this issue and are taking steps to address it. However, significant improvements have yet to be observed.
Exchanges Supported
Customer Support

Advantages and disadvantages

Acorns are considered by many to be a great app. Dozens of different benefits prove this. To avoid listing them all, we have selected only the most significant ones. Also, remember the shortcomings inherent in all such products.

Pros Cons
Publicity of the company dditional commissions
Data on team members A minimum of ways to contact the company
Support for Nobel laureates
Many use cases
Possibility to choose a tariff
Affordable prices
A large number of users
Educational materials
Wide functionality
No problems with registration
More than 95% positive feedback

If you have at least a few extra hundred dollars, they must be invested in profitable assets. It is better to do this with the help of the Acorns app, which will set the right direction and increase the chances of making a profit. If you learn how to use it correctly, you will forever eliminate the need to look for noteworthy alternatives.

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