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One of the best bots that you can use for free is Hummingbot. It is designed for automated trading of various cryptocurrencies, the popularity of which is rapidly increasing in all countries of the world. This robot was created in 2019. For three years, it has been modernized many times. At first, the development team was involved in improving it, but after a few months, everyone could do it. This approach allowed Hummingbot to quickly turn from a mediocre assistant into one of the most famous robots.

The current version of the bot is quite capricious in terms of choosing the correct device. It is only compatible with Windows 10 and above computers and modern versions of Linux and macOS. This creates specific difficulties for traders who use outdated techniques. This robot can work with 27 exchanges. Such a variety is surprising since nothing like this can be found in other robots.

The bot is provided free of charge. Thanks to this, it has more than 1 million downloads and several thousand good reviews on reliable web resources. Such popularity makes Hummingbot one of the most sought-after robots. Anyone afraid to use the bot on a real account can order a test drive. It will help you understand the assistant's nuances and choose the best strategy for trading.

Features of use

To use Hummingbot, you do not need to sign up for special training courses and spend hours studying the instruction manual. It is enough to follow the standard procedure and avoid severe mistakes.


  1. On the official web resource, download the bot installation file. This process takes only a few seconds and requires no more than three mouse clicks.
  2. Download the robot to your computer using the installation wizard.
  3. Launch Hummingbot and set your security password.
  4. After that, restart the robot and go to the settings menu.
  5. Find the API keys there, with which you can connect the robot to the platform you are using.
  6. Next, from the list of all bots, select Hummingbot.
  7. Set up the robot by entering new or adjusting the existing values ​​of various parameters.
  8. Start the assistant and watch the increase in the amount in your account.

Hummingbot's simplicity doesn't eliminate many of its features. Some of these nuances are important for traders; you need to know about them before using the bot.

Main features:

Reliability Hummingbot is a reasonably reliable bot that every trader can safely use. It is installed on your computer and immediately protected by a password that protects your account from prying eyes. It should also be noted that to connect to the exchange, the robot uses API keys, which further increase the security of storing personal data, money, and information about ongoing transactions.
Contacts Contacting the developers of the robot is quite tricky. There is no e-mail, phone number, or feedback form on the site. In this case, the only option would be to use third-party resources to which the company provides links. Among them, Twitter and Discord are most often used. Theoretically, you can write a message to the developers under one of the videos on YouTube. However, there is no guarantee that someone will answer you in this case.
Test drive Any trader can try the bot in action until it is connected to actual money trading. To do this, sign up for a test drive by clicking on the appropriate button. All you have to do in the window that opens is enter your email address and send a request. After that, a test account will become available to you, which you can use for an unlimited time. It will help evaluate the bot's effectiveness and determine the need for further use.
Enter commands An essential feature of the bot is the need to use different controls. Their combinations help you create a unique strategy that will help you achieve good results. All commands are standard. They are listed on the developer's website, and everyone can get acquainted with them. Orders are entered in a particular field that opens after starting the robot. Various vital combinations are used for navigation, described in detail on the site.
Useful information The Hummingbot site itself is interesting for ordinary people and traders. It contains a lot of essential and valuable information. Also, on the web resource, there is a "Blog" section, where there are dozens of articles about trading robots, strategies, and features of working on Forex. An additional plus can be put to developers for the "Academy" section. It contains a lot of information and tutorials for beginners. With the help of this data, you can learn the basics and open your way to the world of Forex.


Exchanges Supported
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Having thoroughly studied Hummingbot, you can highlight its positive and negative qualities. The first is much more than the second, so the robot is famous and benefits thousands of traders.

Pros Cons
No fee Compatible only with modern operating systems
Popularity among traders Specific difficulties for beginners
Constant updates
The possibility of trading on dozens of exchanges
Safety of operation
Simple installation
Variety of settings
Convenient site
A large number of communication methods
A lot of good reviews

Among the many ways to get acquainted with the bot, the most correct is reading the Hummingbot review. This information will become the basis for the successful operation of this trading instrument and benefit from it.

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