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Robofi is not a separate bot but a platform that unites a whole group of trading robots. It appeared relatively recently but has already become famous among traders. Very little is known about the owners of Robofi. The company is registered in the British Virgin Islands, and the domain of its website is in the United States. This discrepancy causes concern and doubt on the part of potential users. Even more negative arises due to the lack of information about the people behind Robofi. Despite all of the above, the platform is considered quite reliable. In most cases, her robots show promising results, at least as reported by customers in their reviews.

Robofi is an open platform where every developer of trading tools can list their product and receive money from its sale. At the same time, most of the available robots belong to the company. Some are free, which appeals to traders with minimal financial resources. All offered robots are adapted for cryptocurrency trading.

The popularity of Robofi is growing every month. The bot seller has tens of thousands of customers and even more subscribers on social networks. Such a demand for the platform is because you do not need to pay for its use. At the same time, it is worth remembering that most bots are sold for money, and the price varies over an extensive range.

Features of use

Most robots work on the same principle. Thanks to this, traders with minimal experience can quickly adapt to new trading assistants. Robofi bots are no exception to the rule. Despite this, everyone should know the correct sequence of actions to help prepare themselves and the robot to start.

Step-by-step procedure:

  1. Go to the Robofi website. Be careful, as the platform has several clones, the purpose of which is to steal your personal information and money.
  2. On the main page, find the "Choose the bots" button and click on it.
  3. You are redirected to the authorization page. If you do not have a personal account on Robofi, click "Register new account.”
  4. A new tab will open, where you specify your email and the password you created.
  5. Click "Register" and confirm the steps taken.
  6. Log in to your account and select the bots you are interested in.
  7. Please pay for the purchase, set up the assistant, link it to your trading account, and start working.

Robofi is not much different from its competitors. At the same time, this Forex robot seller is distinguished by the presence of several essential features. The trader must know each of them thoroughly so that he does not receive various unpleasant surprises during the work.

Bots features:

Security The safety information is rather vague. Therefore, no guarantees can be expected. At the same time, the platform owner claims that customers' personal data is reliably protected from fraudsters. The purchase of bots also carries certain financial risks, which are not mentioned on the site.
The work of bots All bots work automatically. They place orders on their own and close deals at the most opportune moment, which reduces the risk of making mistakes. Most of the robots use well-known algorithms, which convinces many traders of the correctness of their choice. All bots are extremely easy to use. They are set up in minutes and work non-stop 365 days a year. Thanks to this, robots do not miss any opportunity to earn money.
Contacts Contacting Robofi representatives is enough to send your questions through the feedback form. You can also use email and various social networks. In all cases, the support service works quickly and gives answers that satisfy users. Robofi representatives can be contacted around the clock. Support is available in multiple languages, so every trader can find a way to reach the company.
Additional materials The Robofi website has several sections dedicated to new users. In each of them, you can find materials on various Forex topics, instructions on how to use robots, news from developers, and much more. Also, there is a FAQ section on the web resource where you can get answers to popular questions.
Commissions The commission is zero when using the Robofi platform and making various transactions. However, it may be charged by the bank or payment system through which the user makes the payment. The commission is often relatively small, so it will not create an additional financial burden on the trader.


Exchanges Supported
Customer Support


Considering any trading instrument, you need to compare its strengths and weaknesses. This approach will help you get as much information as possible and determine the need to use the bot before you deposit money for it.

Pros Cons
Simple registration Minimum data about developers
A large selection of bots Insufficient reliability
Wide price range
Much information on the website and social networks
Ease of use
All robots work in automatic mode
Popularity among traders
A lot of good reviews

Many people seek to capitalize on fluctuations in the prices of various assets. Good results are achieved only by the most trained and knowledgeable traders. If you do not belong to the first group, the best solution would be to buy a Forex trading robot from Robofi. It reduces risks to a minimum and makes the job very easy. With its help, you can quickly increase capital and achieve the desired success.

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