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A trading robot called WolfBot appeared in 2019. Its developer is a German company, information about which could not be found in any official source. Also, the composition of employees and the legality of their actions are unknown. Despite such secrecy, the company's product is considered to be of sufficient quality. It is fully automated, so it can scan the market without interruption in search of the most opportune moment to make transactions.

An essential feature of WolfBot is that the robot is a cloud system. Thanks to this, traders do not need to download and install the assistant on their computer or gadget. To get started, paste the link into your browser's address bar and follow it.

WolfBot has only one tariff plan. In this case, users can choose the duration of the subscription. Using the bot for one month will cost $90, and for six months –it will cost $480. If you purchase a subscription for one year, you can save up to 30% and pay $700. If we compare WolfBot prices with other robots, we can conclude that this trading tool is quite expensive.

Features of use

The WolfBot trading bot logo depicts a wolf, which is a somewhat unpredictable animal. The same can be said about the robot. Using it initially seems simple, but there are some difficult moments because traders often get into a dead end. To understand all the wisdom, you must familiarize yourself with the correct sequence of actions.

Step-by-step procedure:

  1. First, go to the website of the robot developer and click on "Log in.”
  2. After that, find the "Register" button and click on it. Enter your name and email address.
  3. Confirm registration and log into your account.
  4. Go to the shopping section and choose the optimal duration of the subscription period.
  5. Pay for the order and wait for the URL (sent to your e-mail), which is a direct link to the robot.
  6. Enter the received URL into the browser's address bar, and then go to the settings section.
  7. Copy the API key and log in to your account on your platform.
  8. Use the API to link the bot to your account.
  9. Set the desired settings and activate WolfBot.

Trading with WolfBot has many features that all users should know. This information will give a chance to use 100% of the robot's potential and get good financial benefits.

Main features:

Security The developers of the bot do not comment on the issue of security. Their website doesn't say anything about it. However, there are also pleasant moments. They use two-step identification and connect the robot to the account via API keys. This increases the chances that scammers will not hack your account.
Commissions WolfBot has wholly eliminated any commissions. Therefore, you can purchase or renew a subscription without additional financial costs. Also, the service does not withdraw money for various trading operations.
Browser WolfBot is one of the cloud robots that must be opened in the browser. Safari, Chrome, and Firefox and their versions are ideal for this mobile device arrangement and are superior. At the same time, it is worth remembering that for the smooth operation of the bot, you should constantly update.
Demo version It is available to everyone after registering on the site. Such a test version provides all the robot's features and allows you to trade with virtual money. It is often used by novice traders who are just starting to get acquainted with such trading instruments. The Demo version allows you to evaluate trading effectiveness with WolfBot and find the optimal settings before using real money.
Contact the developers WolfBot customers can use the feedback form on the site, Discord, and popular social networks to resolve various issues. In all cases, processing applications takes a small amount of time, so traders can count on a quick response.
Information If you need information about WolfBot and its work, just go to the official web resource. There you can find many materials on a given topic and read dozens of Forex articles. All this data is freely available, so even unregistered users can read it.


Exchanges Supported
Customer Support


The pursuit of perfection forces many to look for the perfect trading robot that will fully meet the trader trader. This is a painstaking and lengthy process, which will be accelerated by studying the list of pros and cons. All of them, one way or another, affect the bot's work, so they help to assess its capabilities and potential benefits quickly.

Pros Cons
Cloud system The secretiveness of the developer
Round-the-clock work Inflated prices
The ability to select a subscription period Lack of guarantees
Discounts when paying for several months in advance Specific difficulties with setting up the bot
Trading in different cryptocurrencies
Telephone notifications about the actions of the bot
Three trading modes
Increased degree of security
No commissions
Demo account
Additional functions

One of the top Forex trading robots that work with cryptocurrencies is WolfBot. It opens up new possibilities for users and saves dozens of hours of precious time. To use such a trading assistant, you need to learn all the secrets of its functioning. In this case, it will be possible to unleash the full potential of the robot and turn it into an essential component of Forex's success.

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