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Honeydue is one of the best collaborative budgeting apps out there. It enables several people to easily and quickly exchange financial data, which is necessary to achieve specific goals. WalletIQ, Inc owns Honeydue. This company was founded in 2017 and immediately began to gain momentum quickly. A few months later, she released her application, which hundreds of thousands of users liked. WalletIQ Inc. is far from the most open company. Only the creator's name and the home city (San Francisco) are known. Users are also provided with a minimum amount of contact information.

Honeydue works quite simply. It allows two people to access the same account. This will maximize trust between users and make it possible to jointly form a budget, being at a great distance from each other. This application is interesting and varied. It allows you to independently sort the data that will be displayed in general statistics, as well as distribute transactions into different groups. Another exciting option is the ability to communicate with a partner using the chat built into the application. This will allow you to quickly exchange information and resolve various issues without a phone call.

Honeydue is free to use. This feature maximizes the application's popularity and makes people love it. However, the lack of a fee has a significant drawback. It is advertising that appears everywhere and creates a certain discomfort for users. At the same time, there are not even paid ways to disable its display.

Important features

Looking at the work of Honeydue, one can be surprised at its simplicity. Thanks to this quality, the application is in demand and is currently at the peak of popularity. Despite all the simplicity, you must learn how to use this product correctly.


  1. First of all, visit the Honeydue official website from your mobile device.
  2. On any page, find the "Download for free" button.
  3. In the mini-window that appears, enter the phone number and download the application. You can also perform this operation directly through AppStore or GooglePlay.
  4. Open the installed application and register an account. All you need to do is enter your name, password, and email.
  5. Go to your account and find the menu item where your data is indicated.
  6. Add a photo and re-enter the phone number. This information will be used to create a two-step authorization.
  7. Next, send your partner a prepared message through the application, which will automatically contain a link to download Honeydue and a guide for connecting an account.
  8. Your financial accounts are added, and you can jointly form a budget.

Honeydue will reveal all of its secrets if you choose to. You need to use the application for a long time or carefully read our review to get such information.

Important nuances:

Security Honeydue has never had any security issues. The developer, already in the first version of the application, began using complex data encryption methods and applied two-step authorization. These measures made it possible to secure personal information and data on ongoing transactions as much as possible.
Customer support 's just as limited with Honeydue as other free apps. Users have access to only one way to contact the developer's representatives - e-mail. Responses to requests take time to come, so you must work hard. In some cases, the "Support" section can come to the rescue, where there is a list of popular questions with answers. Chat and other ways of communication still need to be implemented.
Notifications An essential feature of the application is enabling the notification function. Once activated, users will receive information about approaching spending limits, any changes made by the co-owner of the account, and more. All alerts will sound if this option is selected in the device's settings.
Platform Honeydue can be used on modern gadgets with iOS or Android. This makes the application accessible to almost everyone. Versions for both platforms are entirely identical. This will eliminate inconsistencies in cases where you use a smartphone, and your partner uses an iPhone. At the same time, there has yet to be a desktop version of Honeydue, which could further expand the user experience.
Interface language Honeydue strives to conquer users worldwide, so they are constantly expanding their language settings. Currently, the application interface can be used in English, French, and Spanish. In the future, it is planned to add other languages ​​that will make the operation process as comfortable as possible for people from many countries of the world
Exchanges Supported
Customer Support

Advantages and disadvantages

The more benefits an application has, the higher the requirements become. Honeydue developers are not afraid of such difficulties and try to offer the highest quality product. Despite all efforts, it is not without drawbacks. They need to be known in advance to find ways to minimize the negative before the full use of Honeydue.

Pros Cons
Uniqueness Much advertising
Popularity among users Challenging to contact support
Reliability of developers
The simplicity of operation
Many useful options
Built-in chat
No payment for anything
Good reviews of specialists
Large selection of settings

It is always tricky for simple cohabitants or married couples to solve money problems. To make things easier, you need to use the Honeydue app. It will help manage a joint budget and find ways to optimize costs. Learning to use this application allows you to forget disagreements and quarrels.

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