The burger chain wars are heating up this Halloween season. McDonald's is bringing back its popular "Boo Buckets," replacing the familiar Happy Meal boxes with plastic trick-or-treat pails for a limited time in October.

The Return of Boo Buckets

Beginning on October 17, participating McDonald's restaurants will reintroduce the beloved Boo Buckets. These collectible pails feature designs such as an orange skeleton, white mummy, green monster, and purple vampire. Hurry and grab one before they run out, as they will only be available until October 31, while supplies last.

Special Halloween Offer

The prices for these special Halloween-themed Happy Meals will vary by location, but typically range from $4 to $7 each. The exciting part? You won't have to pay extra for the Boo Bucket! This unique pail will replace the traditional toy that comes with a Happy Meal.

A Comeback Story

The Boo Buckets have been a seasonal tradition at McDonald's, much like the St. Patrick's Day-themed Shamrock Shake, since the mid-1980s. However, they disappeared from the menu in 2016. To the delight of many customers, McDonald's brought them back last year with great fanfare.

This year's announcement has generated significant buzz, with "McDonald's," "Halloween," and "Happy Meal" trending in real-time Google searches. In fact, searches for "McDonald's Halloween Boo Buckets" have spiked 800% over the past week.

Get Your Festive Pail

Don't miss out on this seasonal treat! The demand for Boo Buckets is high, so make sure to hurry to your local McDonald's to secure your very own festive pail before they vanish.

Burger King's "Trick or Heat" Buckets Take on McDonald's

Burger King is set to join the Halloween festivities with its own limited-edition plastic pails, cleverly named "Trick or Heat" buckets. These buckets will hit select markets just four days before McDonald's buckets, adding some extra anticipation on Friday the 13th.

Drawing inspiration from its popular spicy ghost-pepper dishes, such as the renowned "Ghost Pepper Whopper," Burger King's black plastic buckets feature white ghost peppers redesigned to resemble ghosts. These glow-in-the-dark buckets will be available for only $1 in a handful of cities, including Nashville, Tennessee; Las Vegas, Nevada; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Atlanta, Georgia. As an added bonus, customers can even request a matching cardboard crown to complete their Halloween look.

But fast-food chains aren't the only ones embracing the Halloween spirit. Pumpkin-spice season is already in full swing, with Starbucks and Dunkin' offering their delightful autumnal lattes and other coffee drinks. In addition, various food and beverage companies are introducing a wide range of pumpkin-spice flavored products, from vodka to applesauce and even cheese. To get a taste of these unique creations, you can check out the entertaining reactions of our staffers as they sample some of the craziest pumpkin-spice products on TikTok.

Furthermore, Halloween spending is expected to reach an all-time high this year, with the National Retail Federation estimating a staggering $12.2 billion. A significant portion of this sum, over $4 billion, will be dedicated solely to costumes. To delve deeper into how people plan to allocate their Halloween budget, let's explore the latest trends and insights.

Halloween Spending Breaks Records

According to the National Retail Federation's report, this year's Halloween expenditure is projected to surpass previous records. With a total budget of $12.2 billion, people are ready to embrace the holiday in grand fashion. However, it's the $4 billion earmarked for costumes that truly stands out.

As Halloween enthusiasts gear up for parties and trick-or-treating, costume sales are booming. Whether you're planning to transform into a classic character, channel your inner superhero, or become the spookiest creature around, there's no shortage of options available. From elaborate store-bought ensembles to creative DIY outfits, everyone can find a way to express their Halloween spirit.

But costumes are just one aspect of the Halloween craze. Decorations, candy, and special events also contribute to the festive atmosphere. From haunted houses to pumpkin-filled front yards, neighborhoods come alive with the spirit of Halloween.

So as the days grow shorter and the air turns crisp, it seems that both food and non-food brands are eager to join in on the Halloween fun. Let's embrace the season of tricks and treats and make this year's celebration one to remember.

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